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Measuring vulnerability to promote disaster-resilient societies: Conceptual frameworks and definitions
This chapter stresses the need for a paradigm shift from quantification and analysis of the hazard to the identification, assessment and ranking of vulnerabilities. It underlines the importance ofExpand
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Adaptive and Generic Corner Detection Based on the Accelerated Segment Test
The efficient detection of interesting features is a crucial step for various tasks in Computer Vision. Corners are favored cues due to their two dimensional constraint and fast algorithms to detectExpand
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The DLR lightweight robot: design and control concepts for robots in human environments
Purpose – The paper seeks to present a new generation of torque‐controlled light‐weight robots (LWR) developed at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics of the German AerospaceExpand
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A Unified Passivity-based Control Framework for Position, Torque and Impedance Control of Flexible Joint Robots
This paper describes a general passivity-based framework for the control of flexible joint robots. Recent results on torque, position, as well as impedance control of flexible joint robots areExpand
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Application of Affine-Invariant Fourier Descriptors to Recognition of 3-D Objects
The method of Fourier descriptors is extended to produce a set of normalized coefficients which are invariant under any affine transformation (translation, rotation, scaling, and shearing). TheExpand
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DLR's torque-controlled light weight robot III-are we reaching the technological limits now?
A third generation of torque-controlled light weight robots has been developed in DLR's robotics and mechatronics lab which is based on all the experiences that have been had with the first twoExpand
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Collision Detection and Safe Reaction with the DLR-III Lightweight Manipulator Arm
A robot manipulator sharing its workspace with humans should be able to quickly detect collisions and safely react for limiting injuries due to physical contacts. In the absence of external sensing,Expand
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Surflet-pair-relation histograms: a statistical 3D-shape representation for rapid classification
A statistical representation of three-dimensional shapes is introduced, based on a novel four-dimensional feature. The feature parameterizes the intrinsic geometrical relation of an orientedExpand
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DLR-Hand II: next generation of a dextrous robot hand
This paper outlines the 2nd generation of multisensory hand design at DLR, based on the results of the DLR Hand I we analysed. An open skeleton structure for better maintenance with semi-shellExpand
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The KUKA-DLR Lightweight Robot arm - a new reference platform for robotics research and manufacturing
Transforming research results into marketable products requires considerable endurance and a strong sense of entrepreneurship. The KUKA Lightweight Robot (LWR) is the latest outcome of a bilateralExpand
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