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Plant Retromer, Localized to the Prevacuolar Compartment and Microvesicles in Arabidopsis, May Interact with Vacuolar Sorting Receptors[W]
Receptors for acid hydrolases destined for the lytic compartment in yeast and mammalian cells are retrieved from intermediate, endosomal organelles with the help of a pentameric protein complexExpand
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Vacuolar Storage Proteins and the Putative Vacuolar Sorting Receptor BP-80 Exit the Golgi Apparatus of Developing Pea Cotyledons in Different Transport Vesicles
In the parenchyma cells of developing legume cotyledons, storage proteins are deposited in a special type of vacuole, known as the protein storage vacuole (PSV). Storage proteins are synthesized atExpand
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Localization of Vacuolar Transport Receptors and Cargo Proteins in the Golgi Apparatus of Developing Arabidopsis Embryos
Using immunogold electron microscopy, we have investigated the relative distribution of two types of vacuolar sorting receptors (VSR) and two different types of lumenal cargo proteins, which areExpand
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Protein storage vacuoles form de novo during pea cotyledon development.
We have investigated the formation of protein storage vacuoles in peas (Pisum sativum L.) in order to determine whether this organelle arises de novo during cotyledon development. A comparison ofExpand
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Vacuolar Storage Proteins Are Sorted in the Cis-Cisternae of the Pea Cotyledon Golgi Apparatus
Developing pea cotyledons contain functionally different vacuoles, a protein storage vacuole and a lytic vacuole. Lumenal as well as membrane proteins of the protein storage vacuole exit the GolgiExpand
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Sorting of proteins to storage vacuoles: how many mechanisms?
Vacuoles receive their proteins through the secretory pathway, this requires protein sorting signals and molecular machineries that, until recently, have been believed to be markedly distinct forExpand
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Vesicle transfer of storage proteins to the vacuole: The role of the Golgi apparatus and multivesicular bodies
Summary The storage proteins vicilin and legumin pass through the Golgi apparatus (GApp) on their way to the protein storage vacuole (PSV). Upon entering the GApp vicilin and legumin are efficiendyExpand
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Transport of storage proteins to the vacuole is mediated by vesicles without a clathrin coat.
Storage parenchyma cells of developing legume cotyledons actively transport large amounts of storage proteins to protein storage vacuoles (PSV). These proteins are synthesized on the endoplasmicExpand
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Protein Sorting to the Storage Vacuoles of Plants: A Critical Appraisal
The vacuole of plant cells is no longer considered to be a single compartment with multifunctional properties. A lot of evidence now points to the presence of multiple functionally distinct vacuolarExpand
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The molecular characterization of transport vesicles
Secretion, endocytosis and transport to the lytic compartment are fundamental, highly coordinated features of the eukaryotic cell. These intracellular transport processes are facilitated by vesicles,Expand
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