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Multi-MeV Electron Acceleration by Subterawatt Laser Pulses.
The results enable truly portable applications of laser-driven acceleration, such as low dose radiography, ultrafast probing of matter, and isotope production. Expand
MeV electron acceleration at 1  kHz with <10  mJ laser pulses.
It is demonstrated that laser-driven acceleration of electrons to MeV-scale energies at 1 kHz repetition rate using <10  mJ pulses focused on near-critical density He and H2 gas jets can be observed with laser pulse energy as low as 1.3 mJ. Expand
Laser wakefield acceleration of electrons with ionization injection in a pure N5+ plasma waveguide
Ionization injection-assisted laser wakefield acceleration of electrons up to 120 MeV is demonstrated in a 1.5 mm long pure helium-like nitrogen plasma waveguide. The guiding structure stabilizes theExpand
Low-density hydrodynamic optical-field-ionized plasma channels generated with an axicon lens
We demonstrate optical guiding of high-intensity laser pulses in long, low density hydrodynamic optical-field-ionized (HOFI) plasma channels. An axicon lens is used to generate HOFI plasma channelsExpand
Spatiotemporal Optical Vortices
Nonlinearly propagating beams undergoing optical collapse are shown to universally self-generate a previously unobserved type of optical vortex: the spatiotemporal optical vortex (STOV). Beams withExpand
Shock formation in supersonic cluster jets and its effect on axially modulated laser-produced plasma waveguides.
This work examines the generation of axially modulated plasmas produced from cluster jets whose supersonic flow is intersected by thin wires and finds that the effect of shocks is eliminated with increased cluster size accompanied by a reduced monomer component of the flow. Expand
Generation of axially modulated plasma waveguides using a spatial light modulator.
The generation of axially modulated plasma waveguides using spatially patterned high-energy laser pulses is demonstrated using a spatial light modulator (SLM) and the plasma density profile formed by focusing the patterned pulse with an axicon lens is dynamic and programmable. Expand
MeV electron acceleration at 1  kHz with <10  mJ laser pulses: erratum.
In this erratum the funding section of Opt. Lett.42, 215 (2017)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.42.000215 has been updated.
High power guiding and electron acceleration in pure N5+ plasma channels
We examine the interaction of relativistic laser pulses with plasma channels formed in a nitrogen cluster jet. We observe creation of nearly pure N5+ plasma channels and ionization injected wakefieldExpand