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Nanoring formation by direct-write inorganic electron-beam lithography
A direct-write inorganic lithography technique is described which is capable of forming nanoscale rings of amorphous metals and semiconductors in glasses. Near-edge electron energy loss spectroscopyExpand
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Development of a one-micrometer-diameter particle size Standard Reference Material
Accepted: October 11, 1984 The average diameter of the first micrometer particle size standard (Standard Reference Material 1690), an aqueous suspension of monosized polystyrene spheres with aExpand
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Droplet streams for serial crystallography of proteins
Serial diffraction of proteins requires an injection method to deliver analyte molecules—preferably uncharged, fully hydrated, spatially oriented, and with high flux—into a focused probe beam ofExpand
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System for reflection electron microscopy and electron diffraction at intermediate energies
A system employing medium energy electrons (1–15 keV) for scanning microscopy and diffraction intensity measurements has been constructed. The specimen is situated in an UHV environment and can beExpand
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Improved instrument for medium energy electron diffraction and microscopy of surfaces
The REMEDIE system for reflection electron microscopy and electron diffraction at intermediate energies (0.5–20 keV) has been rebuilt with an improved imaging resolution of better than 10 nm, aExpand
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Quantitative Sub-Micrometer Linewidth Determination Using Electron Microscopy
Quantitative determination of sub-micrometer linewidths in semiconductor devices and masks is demonstrated utilizing an approach employing complementary experimental measurements and theoreticalExpand
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Observation of gold thin film growth with reflection electron microscopy
Abstract We have studied the morphology of gold thin films, grown on amorphous substrates which were held at fixed temperatures, with reflection electron microscopy (REM). The grazing incidenceExpand
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New approaches to the imaging of surface potentials
Towards the goal of recording and analysing the elastically filtered intensity of 4–50 keV electrons within the two-dimensional reflection rocking curves (convergent-beam RHEED patterns), preliminaryExpand