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Certification of SRM1960: Nominal 10 μm Diameter Polystyrene Spheres (“Space Beads”)
Experimental, theoretical, and calculational details are presented for the three independent micrometrology techniques used to certify the mean diameter of Standard Reference Materisd 1960, nominalExpand
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Self-organized mesoscopic magnetic structures
Three types of mesoscopic magnetic microstructure have been formed using self-organization: linear arrays of nanometer diameter islands, nanometer width lines, and undulating, continuous films. TheseExpand
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Biassed secondary electron imaging of monatomic surface steps on vicinal Si(100) in a UHV STEM
Abstract Biassed secondary electron (b-SE) SEM images of steps on Si(100) surfaces misoriented 1° towards 〈110〉 have been obtained using a number of imaging geometries including normal incidence. TheExpand
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Dimensional calibration of the NBS 0.3-μm-diameter particle-sizing standard
Abstract This article summarizes the procedures used at the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) in the certification of SRM 1691, a new submicrometer particle-sizing Standard Reference Material. TheExpand
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Certification of NIST SRM 1961: 30 μm Diameter Polystyrene Spheres
This report describes the certification of SRM 1961, an NIST Standard Reference Material for particle diameter. It consists of an aqueous suspension of monosize 30 μm diameter polystyrene spheres.Expand
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Self-organized Fe nanowire arrays prepared by shadow deposition on NaCl(110) templates
Iron nanowire arrays have been grown by shadow deposition on a self-organized grating template produced by annealing the sodium chloride (110) surface. The typical wire size as measured usingExpand
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Biassed secondary electron imaging in a UHV-STEM
Abstract A new dedicated ultra-high-vacuum scanning transmission electron microscope (UHV-STEM) has been developed for the NSF HREM facility at Arizona State University, in conjunction with VGExpand
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Growth of nanometer‐size metallic particles on CaF2(111)
Fe, Co, and Ag particles grown on various CaF2 substrates have been studied using ultrahigh vacuum scanning electron microscopy with nanometer resolution. Fe and Co show a very high nucleationExpand
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Nanometer-resolution scanning Auger electron microscopy
Abstract New instrumental developments are described, based on STEM optics and through-the-lens electron detection, which allow scanning Auger electron microscopy (SAM) to be performed at theExpand
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High resolution Auger electron spectroscopy and microscopy of a supported metal catalyst
High spatial resolution Auger electron spectra and scanning Auger microscope (SAM) images of supported metal catalysts have been obtained in a UHV scanning transmission electron microscope.Expand
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