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Integration approach of the Couette inverse problem of powder type self-compacting concrete in a wide-gap concentric cylinder rheometer
Abstract For powder type self-compacting concrete (SCC) mixes, commonly used in Belgium, a shear thickening (Herschel–Bulkley) flow behaviour of the fresh mixes is quite often observed. AExpand
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Time-dependent deformations of limestone powder type self-compacting concrete
Abstract Due to its different mix composition (e.g. use of superplasticizer, lower water/powder ratio (W/P) and higher paste volume) and its denser microstructure, different mechanisms and magnitudesExpand
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Interface reduction of flexible bodies for efficient modeling of body flexibility in multibody dynamics
The floating frame of reference techniques does not allow generation of reduced body flexibility models for multibody models. Expand
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The influence of fillers on the properties of self-compacting concrete in fresh and hardened state
This paper represents the results of an investigation of the suitability of different fillers to be used for SCC. An experimental test program has been executed with 12 different SCC mixtures, eachExpand
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Integration Approach of the Couette Inverse Problem of Powder Type Self-Compacting Concrete in a Wide-gap Concentric Cylinder Rheometer: Part II. Influence of Mineral Additions and Chemical
Abstract The influence of mineral additions and chemical admixtures on the shear thickening flow behaviour of powder type self-compacting concrete (SCC) is studied by means of a wide-gap concentricExpand
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Effect of mineral filler type on autogenous shrinkage of self-compacting concrete
Based on an experimental programme, including autogenous shrinkage tests on concrete, ultrasonic monitoring of fresh concrete, and mercury intrusion porosimetry, the influence of the filler type onExpand
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Fibre orientation in self-compacting fibre reinforced concrete
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Transport properties of self compacting concrete with limestone filler or fly ash
The durability of a cementitious material is greatly influenced by the permeability of the material for potentially aggressive substances. As the pore structure of self compacting concrete (SCC)Expand
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Static modes switching for more efficient flexible multibody simulation
Body flexibility is of ever-increasing importance in multibody simulation. The current state-of-the-art simulation techniques typically have difficulties with systems in which flexible bodies can beExpand
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