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Non-linear absorption of femtosecond laser pulses in a SiNx layer—influence of silicon doping type
Abstract In this article, silicon nitride (SiN x ) layers deposited on planar silicon wafers with two different doped areas (emitter: highly phosphorous doped and bulk: lightly boron doped) wereExpand
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Investigation of ablation mechanisms for selective laser ablation of silicon nitride layers
Abstract In this work SiNX deposited on silicon was locally ablated using laser irradiation. The focus was set on the investigation of the ablation mechanisms where a picosecond (ps) pulse laser isExpand
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Laser Physical Methods: Laser Microprobe Mass Spectrometry
Soon after the advent of the laser, several mass spectroscopists realized the potentials of a laser mass spectrometer combination. Laser-induced mass spectrometry was attempted as early as 1966, butExpand
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Investigation of Laser Irradiated Areas with Electron Backscatter Diffraction
Abstract In this work, two silicon nitride (SiNx) layers with two different refraction indices, deposited on polished or damage-etched silicon wafers were locally irradiated by laser pulses. TheExpand
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Physical mechanisms of SiNx layer structuring with ultrafast lasers by direct and confined laser ablation
In the production process of silicon microelectronic devices and high efficiency silicon solar cells, local contact openings in thin dielectric layers are required. Instead of photolithography, theseExpand
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Influence of Pulse Duration and Surface Topography on Laser Ablation of Silicon Nitride Layers on Thin Emitters
In this paper, influences of pulse duration and surface topography on laser ablation of silicon nitride layers on thin emitters were investigated. For the first time, the pulse duration dependentExpand
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