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On the variation in the cohomology of the symplectic form of the reduced phase space
is called the momentum mapping of the Hamiltonian T-action. Given (1.1), the condition (1.2) just means that T acts along the fibers of J. For the basic definitions and properties of non-commutativeExpand
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Monodromy for the hypergeometric functionnFn−1
La fonction hypergeometrique. Le groupe hypergeometrique. La forme hermitienne invariante. Le cas imprimitif. Theorie de Galois differentielle. Fonctions hypergeometriques algebriques
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Root systems and hypergeometric functions. I
On considere les systemes dynamiques d'hamiltoniens: H=∑ i=1 n p i 2 /2+g∑ i<j (q i −q j ) −2 et H=∑ i=1 n p i 2 /2+g∑ i<j sin −2 (q i −q j ). On etudie la resolution spectrale simultanee deExpand
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Geometric Structures on the Complement of a Projective Arrangement
Consider a complex projective space with its Fubini-Study metric. We study certain one parameter deformations of this metric on the complement of an arrangement (= finite union of hyperplanes) whoseExpand
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The volume of hyperbolic Coxeter polytopes of even dimension
Let H denote hyperbolic space of dimension n, and let S be an index set for a finite collection of open half spaces H s in H n bounded by codimension one hyperplanes Hs. We assume that for allExpand
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On the Regularization of the Kepler Problem
We show that for the Kepler problem the canonical Ligon-Schaaf regularization map can be understood in a straightforward manner as an adaptation of the Moser regularization. In turn this explains theExpand
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Root systems and hypergeometric functions III
A hand held, motor driven, wire joining tool is disclosed which includes two wire gripping jaws adapted to twist wires gripped therein by counter-rotating with respect to each other and a heater forExpand
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Matrix valued orthogonal polynomials for Gelfand pairs of rank one
In this paper we study matrix valued orthogonal polynomials of one variable associated with a compact connected Gelfand pair (G,K) of rank one, as a generalization of earlier work by Koornwinder andExpand
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