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Making Sense of the Alt-Right
Political Threat and Immigration: Party Identification, Demographic Context, and Immigration Policy Preference*
Objective. I propose that the effect of partisanship on views on immigration is context dependent. I argue that Republicans in counties experiencing high levels of immigration are more likely toExpand
Issue Voting and Immigration: Do Restrictionist Policies Cost Congressional Republicans Votes?
Objective I test the hypothesis that Latino voters were less likely to support Republican incumbents with strong anti-immigration records in the 2006 congressional elections in comparison toExpand
The Alt-Right
In recent years, the so-called Alt-Right, a white nationalist movement, has grown at an alarming rate. Taking advantage of high levels of racial polarization, the Alt-Right seeks to normalizeExpand
Attitudes toward Mormons and Voter Behavior in the 2012 Presidential Election
  • G. Hawley
  • Political Science
  • Politics and Religion
  • 20 January 2015
Abstract Prior to the 2012 presidential election, some commentators speculated that Mitt Romney's status as a devout and active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wouldExpand
Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism
White Voters in 21st Century America
Home affordability, female marriage rates and vote choice in the 2000 US presidential election
This article tests the hypothesis that differences in the housing market can partially explain why some American counties are strongly Republican and others strongly Democratic, and that thisExpand
Determinants of the opinion gap between the elites and the public in the United States*
ABSTRACT Recent scholarship indicates that elites possess disproportionate power in the policy-making process in the United States. The degree to which elite preferences trump the preferences ofExpand