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Selective Feeding of Anopheles gambiae according to ABO Blood Group Status
IN investigations of physiological factors affecting the selection of human hosts for feeding by the mosquito Anopheles gambiae (species A from Nkolmekok2, Cameroons), pairs of subjects were chosenExpand
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Comparative variability and interval correlation in linear growth of Hong Kong and Sudanese infants
Growth in length of children during the first 10 months of life in Hong Kong and Khartoum is compared in terms of levels of between‐child variability and length and increment correlations. InExpand
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Chromosome Marker Studies in the Graft-versus-Host Reaction in the Chick Embryo
THE production of splenomegaly and other lesions by the injection of adult avian blood into the chick embryo is due to an immunological reaction between donor blood cells and host embryo tissues1,2.Expand
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Analysis of the genomic region containing the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii) orthologues of MHC class III genes
Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules are central to development and regulation of the immune system in all jawed vertebrates. MHC class III cytokine genes from the tumor necrosis factorExpand
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IQ and ABO Blood Groups
THREE methods are available for the genetic analysis of continuous variables in human populations. One is the biometrical approach1 which, in addition to partitioning the phenotypic variance intoExpand
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Factors affecting compliance with depot injection treatment in the community
SummaryThis study investigated aspects of the community psychiatric care of psychotic patients living in inner city areas, and especially those of Afro-Caribbean ethnicity. Ethnicity was not found toExpand
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Interaction of Mouse Spleen Cells in Diffusion Chambers
IT has been suggested that the interaction which occurs between lymphoid cells of two individuals in mixed cell cultures provides a measure of histocompatibility difference1–4. This suggestion isExpand
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South Africa
Case of Sclerema.
[1] ROLLESTON, J. D., Brit. Tourn. Derm., 1910, xxii, p. 309. [2] Idemn, ibid., 1907, xix, p. 735. [31 HALLE, J., Art. " Scarlatine" in Traitd de Path. M1d. et de Ther. Avppiquee (Sergent,Expand