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Effects of Soil Moisture on Shrub Seedling Survival in Semi-Arid Grassland
This study examined the influence of herbaceous growth on mortality of D. attenuate seedlings, by growing them in plots with controlled moisture input, and found that seedling survival was inversely related to the amount of herbicide growth on the other treatments. Expand
Estimation of above-ground biomass of trees and shrubs
An estimate of the above-ground biomass of leaf and wood in the shrubs and trees of Eucalyptus populnea woodland near Cobar, N.S.W., was made, by regression of leaf and wood weight on height or trunkExpand
Habitat Fragmentation and Ecological Traits Influence the Prevalence of Avian Blood Parasites in a Tropical Rainforest Landscape
It is found that the prevalence of the dominant haemosporidian infection, Haemoproteus, was significantly higher in continuous forest than in habitat fragments and ecological traits such as diet, foraging height, habitat specialisation and distributional ranges were significantly associated with blood-borne infections. Expand
Recent contraction of wet sclerophyll forest in the wet tropics of Queensland due to invasion by rainforest
The final stages of this transition were observed in areas that exhibited full-stature rainforest with large, relictual E. grandis emergents in 1943, but had disappeared by 1992, and the current loss of WSF probably endangers the survival of a range of genetically endemic biota. Expand
Structure and Plant Species Dominance in North Queensland Wet Sclerophyll Forests
The wet sclerophyll forests of north Queensland were mapped for Vegetation Type from aerial photographs taken in 1990-94. These forests occur to the west of the crest of the Great Dividing Range,Expand
The case for prescribed burning to control shrubs in eastern semi-arid woodlands.
The paper leads the reader through the financial history of Willangee Station and highlights his willingness to contribute his experience freely to the discussion of issues confronting rangeland managers. Expand
The effects of fragmentation of an Australian tropical rain forest on populations and assemblages of small mammals
It is suggested that edges of fragments and edges of continuous forest will support similar densities and species utilizing the matrix between forest fragments and species adapted to forest edge are advantaged by the fragmentation process whereas forest specialists tend to extinction in fragments. Expand