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S. Ramanujan, F.R.S.
SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN, whose death was announced in NATURE of June 3, was born in 1888, in the neighbourhood of Madras, the son of poor parents, and a Brahmin by caste. I know very little of his earlyExpand
Über die monotone Konvergenz der Cesàro-Mittel bei Fourier- und Potenzreihen
1·1. Es bezeichne fur nichtnegative ganze n und k das n -te Cesaro-Mittel der Ordnung k der Reihe μ 0 + μ 1 + … Insbesondere ist also die n -te Partialsumme dieser Reihe.
Thackrah’s grave
  • G. Hardy
  • Why I Became an Occupational Physician and Other…
  • 1 July 2020
In Thackrah’s grave Graham Hardy briefly explores the life and death of Charles Turner Thackrah, the Leeds surgeon who was the first to make a systematic study of occupational diseases.