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Half-life of32Si
Beta rays from a32Si32P source, produced in 1968–1969 via the30Si(t,p)32Si reaction using a Van de Graaff beam atEt = 3.4 MeV, were counted with an end-window gas-flow proportional counter systemExpand
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Oldest playable musical instruments found at Jiahu early Neolithic site in China
Excavations at the early Neolithic site of Jiahu in Henan Province, China have produced what may be the earliest complete, playable, tightly-dated multinote musical instruments. Jiahu was occupiedExpand
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Chemical Characterization in Archaeology
Publisher Summary This chapter describes the requisites for a successful chemical characterization study of an archaeological problem. The first involves the subject matter. For the characterizationExpand
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Gamma ray emission intensities of226Ra in equilibrium with its daughter products
A226 Ra source of known disintegration rate has been measured to determine the absolute γ-ray emission intensities of members of its decay chain in radioactive equilibrium. The results are comparedExpand
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The simultaneous determination of the emanation fractions of radon and thoron
A procedure first described by O. Hahn in 1935 has been adapted to the measurement of the probability of escape of radon and thoron//the “emanation fraction”/ in soils and rocks through applicationExpand
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The Szilard-Chalmers Reaction in Solids
Publisher Summary The chemical effect of a nuclear transformation was observed by Ssilard and Chalmers in 1934. They irradiated liquid ethyl iodide with neutrons and found that radioactive iodineExpand
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Low-temperature studies of recoil reactions
Abstract The Szilard-Chalmers reaction has been investigated in a number of crystalline compounds with a special effort being made to maintain the temperature at low values during bombardment,Expand
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