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Cu(II) potentiation of alzheimer abeta neurotoxicity. Correlation with cell-free hydrogen peroxide production and metal reduction.
Oxidative stress markers as well as high concentrations of copper are found in the vicinity of Abeta amyloid deposits in Alzheimer's disease. The neurotoxicity of Abeta in cell culture has beenExpand
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Molecular analysis of dimethyl sulphide dehydrogenase from Rhodovulum sulfidophilum: its place in the dimethyl sulphoxide reductase family of microbial molybdopterin‐containing enzymes
Dimethyl sulphide dehydrogenase catalyses the oxidation of dimethyl sulphide to dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) during photoautotrophic growth of Rhodovulum sulfidophilum. Dimethyl sulphide dehydrogenaseExpand
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Cu(II) Potentiation of Alzheimer Aβ Neurotoxicity
Oxidative stress markers as well as high concentrations of copper are found in the vicinity of Aβ amyloid deposits in Alzheimer's disease. The neurotoxicity of Aβ in cell culture has been linked toExpand
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XSophe-Sophe-XeprView. A computer simulation software suite (v. 1.1.3) for the analysis of continuous wave EPR spectra.
The XSophe-Sophe-XeprView computer simulation software suite enables scientists to easily determine spin Hamiltonian parameters from isotropic, randomly oriented and single crystal continuous waveExpand
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Pleomorphic copper coordination by Alzheimer's disease amyloid-beta peptide.
Numerous conflicting models have been proposed regarding the nature of the Cu(2+) coordination environment of the amyloid beta (Abeta) peptide, the causative agent of Alzheimer's disease. This studyExpand
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Purple acid phosphatase: a journey into the function and mechanism of a colorful enzyme
Abstract Purple acid phosphatases (PAPs) catalyze the hydrolysis of a wide range of phosphomonoester and amide substrates. These enzymes have been identified and characterized from numerous plant andExpand
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Role of semiconductivity and ion transport in the electrical conduction of melanin
Melanins are pigmentary macromolecules found throughout the biosphere that, in the 1970s, were discovered to conduct electricity and display bistable switching. Since then, it has been widelyExpand
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Mutational analysis of the dimethylsulfoxide respiratory (dor) operon of Rhodobacter capsulatus.
Four genes, dorC, dorD, dorB and dorR of the DMSO respiratory gene cluster of Rhodobacter capsulatus have been identified and sequenced. dorC encodes a pentahaem c-type cytochrome of the NirT classExpand
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Insights into Structure and Function of the Active Site of SoxAX Cytochromes*
SoxAX cytochromes catalyze the formation of heterodisulfide bonds between inorganic sulfur compounds and a carrier protein, SoxYZ. They contain unusual His/Cys-ligated heme groups with complexExpand
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