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Abstract The boron isotopic compositions and boron concentrations of selected modern marine carbonates were analysed by negative thermal ionization mass spectrometry with a 2σ reproducibility ofExpand
Calculation of simultaneous isotopic and trace element variations during water-rock interaction with applications to carbonate diagenesis
Abstract Equations are developed for the calculation of the simultaneous variations in trace element concentrations and radiogenic and stable isotopic compositions that occur during water-rockExpand
Evidence for a higher pH in the glacial ocean from boron isotopes in foraminifera
RECORDS of past changes in the pH of the oceans should provide insights into how the carbonate chemistry of the oceans has changed over time. The latter is related to changes in the atmospheric CO2Expand
A general mixing equation with applications to Icelandic basalts
The mixing equation applied by Vollmer [1] to Pb and Sr isotope ratios is shown to be a general equation applicable to consideration of element and isotope ratios. The mixing equation is hyperbolicExpand
Rare Earth Elements in Petrogenetic Studies of Igneous Systems
of melting, the mineralogical and chemical composition of the source during melting, the extent of the melting processes involved, and how the melt is modified by assimilation, metasomatism,Expand
U-Pb Garnet, Sphene, Monazite, and Rutile Ages: Implications for the Duration of High-Grade Metamorphism and Cooling Histories, Adirondack Mts., New York
U-Pb ages were determined on metamorphic garnets, monazites, sphenes, and rutiles in metapelites and marbles from the Adirondacks to determine the duration of metamorphism, the timing of mineralExpand
Oceanic pH control on the boron isotopic composition of foraminifera: Evidence from culture experiments
Culture experiments were carried out with the species Orbulina universa at four different pH values (7.70±0.05, 8.15±0.05, 8.60±0.05, and 9.00±0.10) in order to establish the pH-dependence of boronExpand
Mantle-derived Archaean monozodiorites and trachyandesites
The 2,680–2,750-Myr old1–5 intrusive granite–greenstone terranes6–8 in the Rainy Lake region, Ontario, and in, and adjacent to, the Vermilion District, Minnesota, of the Superior Province in NorthExpand
U‐Pb Ages for Zircon and Titanite from the Ramagiri Area, Southern India: Evidence for Accretionary Origin of the Eastern Dharwar Craton during the Late Archean
The north‐south‐trending Ramagiri Schist Belt is trident shaped, with three prongs separating three granitic terranes. Whereas the western and eastern prongs contain metatholeiites and bandedExpand