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A procedure for quantitative determination of tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine, an odorless reducing agent more stable and effective than dithiothreitol.
  • J. Han, G. Han
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Analytical biochemistry
  • 1 July 1994
The concentration of tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine (TCEP) can be conveniently determined by measuring the amount of 2-nitro-5-thiobenzoate (NTB) formed after reaction withExpand
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The state of the art of research in thermally activated cooling technologies for combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) systems are presented here in detail, mainly including absorption andExpand
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Removal of paraquat in aqueous suspension of TiO2 in an immersed UV photoreactor
Experiments were performed to investigate the effect of operating parameters on the photodegradation efficiency of paraquat in a TiO2-suspended photoreactor with immersed UV lamps. TiO2 particlesExpand
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Hydrogen production by catalytic decomposition of methane over activated carbons: kinetic study
Abstract Several domestic activated carbons were tested as the catalyst for decomposition of methane. All the activated carbons showed similar deactivation pattern. Mass transport effect in theExpand
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Hydrogen production by thermocatalytic decomposition of butane over a carbon black catalyst
Abstract Catalytic activity of carbon black for decomposition of butane was investigated for CO 2 -free hydrogen production. The carbon black employed was a rubber black and the range of reactionExpand
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Hydrogen production by catalytic decomposition of methane over activated carbons: Deactivation study
The amount of deposited carbon on activated carbons was adjusted by varying the space time and the time on stream. Carbon nuclei formation appeared to occur initially but was terminated soon and thenExpand
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Catalytic characteristics of various rubber-reinforcing carbon blacks in decomposition of methane for hydrogen production
Abstract Carbon black has recently been reported to act as an effective catalyst for methane decomposition and to exhibit stable catalytic behavior despite carbon deposition, and thus it can be usedExpand
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Heat transfer characteristics in low-temperature latent heat storage systems using salt-hydrates at heat recovery stage
The heat transfer characteristics of a low temperature latent heat storage system have been determined for circular finned and unfinned tubes using sodium acetate tribydrate as a phase changeExpand
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Decomposition of toluene using an atmospheric pressure plasma/TiO2 catalytic system
Abstract Application of atmospheric pressure plasma as an alternative technology for the destruction of toluene is demonstrated in this study. Used TiO 2 colloidal solution was obtained by anExpand
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[Studies on the active constituents of the Chinese traditional medicine Polygonatum odoratum (Mill.) Druce].
From the ethanol extract of the Chinese traditional medicine, rhizomes of Polygonatum odoratum, a new steroidal saponin POD-II together with beta-sitosterol and its glucoside, and three knownExpand
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