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Ultrasonographic anatomy of the bovine eye.
The purposes of the study were to describe the ultrasonographic appearance and measurements of the normal bovine eye, to compare the measurements to those reported previously for cadaveric eyes andExpand
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Methods and normal values for echocardiography in adult dairy cattle.
OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to report normal ultrasonographic appearance and intra-cardiac dimensions in two dairy breeds and to calculate cardiac output (CO) using echocardiography. Expand
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Administration of trimethoprim-sulphadimidine does not improve healing of glandular gastric ulceration in horses receiving omeprazole: a randomised, blinded, clinical study
BackgroundInterest in Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) has recently increased in part due to a growing awareness of the differences between squamous and glandular disease. The pathophysiology andExpand
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Repeatability and reproducibility of transabdominal ultrasonographic intestinal wall thickness measurements in Thoroughbred horses.
The aims of this study were to assess the repeatability and reproducibility of transabdominal ultrasonography to assess intestinal wall thickness in adult Thoroughbred horses (n = 8).Expand
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Retrospective study assessing efficacy of treatment of large colonic impactions.
Cases with a history of colic due to a large colonic impaction were recruited retrospectively to assess the treatment efficacy and complications of oral and parenteral fluid therapy regimes forExpand
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Reliability of quantitative echocardiography in adult sheep and goats
BackgroundEchocardiography is a non-invasive method for assessment of the ovine and caprine heart. Complete reference ranges for cardiac dimensions and time indices for both species are not currentlyExpand
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Misoprostol is superior to combined omeprazole-sucralfate for the treatment of equine gastric glandular disease.
BACKGROUND Previous studies have demonstrated a poor response to healing of gastric glandular lesions with oral omeprazole and other medications. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of two novelExpand
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Use of lithium dilution and pulse contour analysis cardiac output determination in anaesthetized horses: a clinical evaluation.
OBJECTIVE To assess the suitability of a human algorithm for calculation of continuous cardiac output from the arterial pulse waveform, in anaesthetized horses. STUDY DESIGN Prospective clinicalExpand
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Preoperative administration of hydroxyethyl starch or hypertonic saline to horses with colic.
BACKGROUND Hypertonic saline and hydroxyethyl starches have been proposed as alternatives to isotonic crystalloids for reversal of hypovolemia in horses with colic. However, no direct comparison ofExpand
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A comparison of two doses of omeprazole in the treatment of equine gastric ulcer syndrome: a blinded, randomised, clinical trial.
REASONS FOR PERFORMING THE STUDY Studies on omeprazole have reported that doses as low as 0.7 mg/kg bwt per os are potent suppressors of acid production. Yet, to date, no studies have comparedExpand
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