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Dielectric Properties of Fruits and Insect Pests as related to Radio Frequency and Microwave Treatments
Information on dielectric properties of commodities and insect pests is needed in developing thermal treatments for postharvest insect control based on radio frequency (RF) and microwave energy.Expand
Factors Affecting Ionizing Radiation Phytosanitary Treatments, and Implications for Research and Generic Treatments
This article analyses several factors that have been hypothesized to affect PI efficacy: low oxygen, pest stage, host, dose rate, and temperature and concludes that the first is known to affect efficacy, whereas host and dose rate probably need more research. Expand
Improving heating uniformity of fresh fruit in radio frequency treatments for pest control
Non-uniform heating of fresh fruit caused by variations in radio frequency (RF) fields is a major obstacle in developing postharvest insect control treatments based on RF energy. A fruit mover wasExpand
Irradiation and storage influence on bioactive components and quality of early and late season 'Rio Red' grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf.)
Abstract Irradiation as an alternative quarantine treatment has been under consideration by the International Consultative Group on Food Irradiation. This study was conducted on early and late seasonExpand
Management of agricultural insects with physical control methods.
The entoleter, an impacting machine used to crush all insect stages in flour, and hot-water immersion of mangoes, used to kill tephritid fruit fly immatures in fruit are two noteworthy examples. Expand
Temperature sensitivity in insects and application in integrated pest management
Biophysics of heat transfer, Carlos Fernandez temperature regulation in insects, Tim Casey physiology of heat sensitivity in Insects, David L. Denlinger effect of ice-nucleating microbes on insect survival in freezing temperatures, R.E. Lee, Jr, and M.L. Lee temperature synergism with other control techniques. Expand
Phytosanitary Applications of Irradiation
Phytosanitary treatments are used to disinfest agricultural commodities of quarantine pests so that the com- modities can be shipped out of quarantined areas. Ionizing irradiation is a promisingExpand
Pest Management and Phytosanitary Trade Barriers
A significant amount of the world's economy is based upon the international trade of agricultural produce. For the producing countries, a growing concern is the potential economic and ecologicalExpand
Generic phytosanitary irradiation treatments
Efforts to develop additional generic PI treatments and reduce the dose for the 400 Gy treatment are ongoing with a broad based 5-year, 12-nation cooperative research project coordinated by the joint Food and Agricultural Organization/International Atomic Energy Agency Program on Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture. Expand