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Biogeography of the Montane Entomofauna of Mexico and Central America
Faced with the challenge of writing a review on the distribution of insects in the mountains of Mexico and Central America (the Mexican Transition Zone), I found two possible alternatives: (a) toExpand
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Assessing the completeness of bat biodiversity inventories using species accumulation curves
Summary 1. In this study we used species accumulation models to solve one of the most serious problems encountered when comparing species richness between different communities. The problem is howExpand
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Frog, bat, and dung beetle diversity in the cloud forest and coffee agroecosystems of Veracruz, Mexico
We compared the species diversity of copronecrophagous beetles (Scarabaeinae), bats, and frogs in tropical montane cloud forest (original vegetation) and shaded coffee plantations (an agroecosystemExpand
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Historical and ecological factors determining the geographical distribution of beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae)
BIOGEOGHAPHIA — vo/. XV ~ 1991 (Pubblicato il 31 dicembre 1991 Biogeografia de//e comunita‘ Historical and ecological factors determining the geographical distribution of beetles (1) (Coleoptera:Expand
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Response of Dung Beetle Diversity to Human-induced Changes in a Tropical Landscape1
Abstract This paper examines dung beetle communities in remnant patches of tropical deciduous forest at Veracruz, Mexico, as a case study of the effects of tropical deforestation on biodiversity. TheExpand
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Altitudinal variation of dung beetle (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) assemblages in the Colombian Andes
Aim  We describe the changes in species richness, rarity and composition with altitude, and explore whether the differences in Scarabaeinae dung beetle composition along five altitudinal transects ofExpand
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Reservas de la Biosfera: Problemas y Oportunidades en México
RESUMEN. En los ultimos dieciseis anos el Gobierno Federal Mexicano ha dado una importancia creciente a las areas naturales protegidas y en especial a las reservas de la biosfera. En este ensayoExpand
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