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Physico-chemical characteristics of goat and sheep milk
Physico-chemical characteristics of milk are related to its composition for a particular animal species. Sheep milk contains higher levels of total solids and major nutrient than goat and cow milk.Expand
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Goat milk in human nutrition
Goat milk and its products of yoghurt, cheese and powder have three-fold significance in human nutrition: (1) feeding more starving and malnourished people in the developing world than from cow milk;Expand
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Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals
Knjiga prikazuje raspoloživost, sastav i tehnologiju proizvodnje mlijeka u svijetu od sisavaca koji nisu goveda. Knjiga obrađuje osam vrsta mlijeka domacih životinja: kozje, ovcje, bivolje, kobilje,Expand
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Relationship of somatic cell counts in goat milk to mastitis and productivity
Abstract This review covers research since the Symposium at Bella, Italy, in 1994, and as published in three major dairy research journals. It examines in particular non-pathological influences onExpand
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Mineral and trace element research in goats: A review
Abstract The long term studies with dairy goats on the effects of deficient semisynthetic feeding rations in one of 16 elements as reported in the annual proceedings of the Workshops on Minerals andExpand
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Milk and dairy products in human nutrition : production, composition and health
Description: Milk is nature s most complete food, and dairy products are considered to be the most nutritious foods of all. The traditional view of the role of milk has been greatly expanded inExpand
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About the evolution of goat and sheep milk production
Abstract Goats and sheep producing milk for people start with the beginnings of domestication. For thousands of years they provide sustainance for the people. During the last 150 years geneticExpand
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Breed differences in sheep milk fatty acid profiles: Opportunities for sustainable use of animal genetic resources
Milk fatty acid profile of dairy sheep could be a clue for the sustainable use of local, endangered sheep breeds. We have determined milk quality parameters and fatty acid profiles in milk of threeExpand
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Strategy for goat farming in the 21st century
The objective of this paper is to contribute to progress in the choices of strategies for further development of goat farming in the 21st century. During the last 20 years, the number of goats aroundExpand
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