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Impairment of pain inhibition in chronic tension-type headache
The findings suggest that patients with CTTH suffer from deficient DNIC‐like pain inhibitory mechanisms in a similar manner, as do patients with anatomically generalized chronic pain like fibromyalgia.
Classical homeopathic treatment of chronic headaches.
The effects of homeopathic belladonna 30CH in healthy volunteers -- a randomized, double-blind experiment.
There is no indication that belladonna 30CH produces symptoms different from placebo or from no intervention, and symptoms of a homeopathic pathogenetic trial (HPT) are most likely chance fluctuations.
Period prevalence of self-reported headache in the general population in Germany from 1995–2005 and 2009: results from annual nationwide population-based cross-sectional surveys
The overall headache prevalence remained stable in Germany in the last 15 years, and both sexes showed a bell-shaped age dependence with peaks in the 30–39 age group.
Efficacy of 1,000 mg Effervescent Acetylsalicylic Acid and Sumatriptan in Treating Associated Migraine Symptoms
The study showed that administration of effervescent ASA leads to remission of the migraine symptoms nausea, photophobia and phonophobia, reduces migraine headache and is comparable to sumatriptan.
Combined analgesics in (headache) pain therapy: shotgun approach or precise multi-target therapeutics?
Multitarget therapeutics like combined analgesics broaden the array of therapeutic options, enable the completeness of the therapeutic effect, and allow doctors to customize treatment to the patient's specific needs.
A Review of Evidence-Based Medicine and Meta-Analytic Reviews in Migraine
  • G. Haag
  • Medicine
    Cephalalgia : an international journal of…
  • 1 July 2007
It should be noted, however, that the most disabled segment of migraineurs, including those who usually required bed rest or who vomited 20% or more of the time, were excluded, so the results can thus not be generalized to all migraine patients.
Behavioral Treatment of Migraine
Behavioral concepts regarding migraine headaches ignore psychodynamic and other speculative theories about the psychological origin of the disorder. There is good reason for this omission. Virtually
The Long-Term Effects of Homeopathic Treatment of Chronic Headaches: 1 Year Follow Up
The improvement seen at the end of the 12-week trial was stable after 1 year; no differential effects according to treatment after the trial could be seen; and patients with no treatment following the trial had the most improvement after 1year.