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Detection and quantification of Holmium-166 loaded microspheres in patients with liver metastases : initial experience within the framework of a phase I study
Introduction: Internal radiation therapy using radioactive Holmium-166 loaded microspheres (HoMS) has shown to be a promising technique for treatment of liver metastases [1]. Unlike Yttrium-90Expand
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Multi-echo spin-echo ( MESE ) signal behavior of paramagnetic Holmium-166 loaded microspheres for radiotherapy : experiment and simulation
Introduction: Internal radiation therapy using Holmium-166 loaded microspheres (HoMS) has shown to be a promising technique for the treatment of liver metastases [1]. Due to their paramagneticExpand
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Single-point 19 F imaging of fluorinated drugs injected into the eye for the treatment of macular degener
Introduction: Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is the most common cause of visual impairment in people over 60 world. Forms of ARMD include the growth of new blood vessels underneath theExpand
Geometrically accurate positive contrast of field disturbances using RAdial Sampling with Off-resonance Reconstruction ( RASOR ) .
Introduction: With the advent of short-TE acquisitions, such as UTE and SWIFT, center-out radial acquisition schemes to fill k-space are gaining interest [1, 2]. Although these acquisitions minimizeExpand
The influence of Holmium-166 loaded microspheres on diffusion weighted imaging : an ex-vivo study
Introduction Intra-arterial radioembolization (RE), using microspheres that contain a β-emitting radioisotope, is an emerging technique for the treatment of either primary or metastatic liver cancerExpand
The influence of Holmium-166 loaded microspheres on ADC measurements using DWI
Introduction: Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) is a powerful tool for the evaluation of radiation therapy since the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) provides information about tumor viabilityExpand
Magnetic resonance imaging in 166Ho liver radioembolization
To assure safety and to increase efficacy of intra-arterial radioembolization, it is essential to assess the biodistribution of the radioactive microspheres after treatment. In this respect, holmiumExpand
Selective positive contrast of subvoxel field-disturbers using off-resonance excitation
Introduction: Positive contrast by means of selective excitation is a helpful way of visualizing objects of clinical interest, like iron-labeled cells, paramagnetic agents or labeled therapeutics. InExpand
De prachtvlieg Homalocephala biumbrata nieuw voor Nederland (Diptera: Ulidiidae)
Prachtvliegen zijn vrij kleine vliegen die vaak een vleugeltekening hebben waardoor ze aan boorvliegen doen denken. De meeste soorten zijn weinig opvallend in het veld aanwezig en zitten vooral opExpand