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Biomass yield and changes in chemical composition of sweet sorghum cultivars grown for biofuel.
This investigation was carried out in order to evaluate changes in biomass, carbohydrates, and calculated ethanol yield (CEY) from anthesis to 40 days after anthesis (DAA) of five sweet sorghumExpand
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Accumulation and partitioning of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in different varieties of sweet sorghum
Abstract This study investigated changes in accumulation and partitioning of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) with harvest dates of early, middle, and late maturity sweet sorghumExpand
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Cassava stems: a new resource to increase food and fuel production
Given the growing global population, mankind must find new ways to lower competition for land between food and fuel production. Our findings for cassava suggest that this important crop canExpand
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Yield formation and tillering dynamics of direct-seeded rice in flooded and nonflooded soils in the Huai River Basin of China
Water shortage in the Huai River Basin prompts farmers to adopt water-saving technologies such as direct-seeded nonflooded or aerobic rice. Different cultivation practices impact on tiller growth andExpand
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Genetic Variation and Yield Performance of Jerusalem Artichoke Germplasm Collected in China
Abstract Jerusalem artichoke ( Helianthus tuberosus L.) is a perennial tuberous plant rich in inulin and is a potential energy crop. This study was conducted in a semiarid region of the Loess PlateauExpand
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Growth and Yield Performance of Jerusalem Artichoke Clones in a Semiarid Region of China
This study investigated biomass yield and growth characteristics of 26 Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) clones and assessed it as a bioenergy crop for a semiarid region of the LoessExpand
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Field crop residue estimate and availability for biofuel production in China
Exploitation of crop residue biomass resources will improve soil quality, future energy security, global carbon balance, and sustainable crop production. The present study was performed in order toExpand
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Estimate of restaurant food waste and its biogas production potential in China
Much attention has been paid to restaurant food waste (RFW) in recent years, due to its environmental impact and concerns about pollution, and its illegal use as animal feed. An evaluation of theExpand
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Progress and Yield Bottleneck of Aerobic Rice in the North China Plain: A Case Study of Varieties Handao 297 and Handao 502
Aerobic rice has been considered a promising rice cultivation system as water scarcity is increasing in the world. This article summarizes the advances in aerobic rice management researches in theExpand
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Changes in stem composition and harvested produce of sweet sorghum during the period from maturity to a sequence of delayed harvest dates
Abstract Four cultivars of sweet sorghum (Sorghum biocolor (L.) Moench) were investigated to analyze the effects of delayed harvesting on the changes in stem composition and the related end-useExpand
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