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Web Search Engine
Aim of this work is to make introduction to knowledge of the web search engines and provide own design of web search indexing architecture which will be used for futher educational process. Expand
Secure split test techniques to prevent IC piracy for IoT devices
Abstract Globalization of semiconductor manufacturing and related activities has led to several security issues like counterfeiting, IP infringement and cloning etc. Counterfeiting not only affectsExpand
A Novel PUF Based SST to Prevent Distribution of Rejected ICs from Untrusted Assembly
A method called PUF-SST (Physical Unclonable Function -- SST) is presented to perform both scan tests and functional tests without compromising on security features described in CSST. Expand
Security Providing using Blowfish, RSA and SHA-512 Algorithms
A new security protocol for on line transaction can be designed using combination of both symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic techniques, which provides three cryptographic primitives such as integrity, confidentiality and authentication. Expand