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Further observations of the binary pulsar PSR 1913+16.
We report the results of more than a year's timing observations of the binary pulsar PSR 1913+16. Within the accuracy of our measurements, about +- 300 ..mu..s, the pulse arrival times are exactlyExpand
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Pulsar proper motions from timing observations
Proper motion measurements derived from timing observations are given for 10 pulsars, two of which are significant upper limits. For two of these pulsars, no previous proper motion results have beenExpand
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Pulsar timing irregularities.
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Recent developments in gravity gradiometry from the Space‐Shuttle‐borne tethered satellite system
This paper describes the current development of a noncryogenic gravity gradiometer for future use on board the tethered satellite system (TSS). The paper also proposes a way of testing a single‐axisExpand
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Gravity Gradiometry from the Tethered Satellite System
Measurement of the gradient of the gravitational acceleration from a satellite platform is likely to provide the next improvement in knowledge of the Earth's gravity field after the upcomingExpand
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Second Derivatives of Pulsar Rotation Frequencies.
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