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On the numerical simulation of Bingham visco-plastic flow: Old and new results
Abstract The main goal of this article is to review various results and methods concerning the numerical simulation of Bingham visco-plastic flow; these results have been obtained from the earlyExpand
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Stable loosely-coupled-type algorithm for fluid-structure interaction in blood flow
We introduce a novel loosely coupled-type algorithm for fluid-structure interaction between blood flow and thin vascular walls. This algorithm successfully deals with the difficulties associated withExpand
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Wall-driven incompressible viscous flow in a two-dimensional semi-circular cavity
The main goal of this article is to investigate the capability of an operator-splitting/finite elements based methodology at handling accurately incompressible viscous flow at large Reynolds numberExpand
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Blood Flow in Compliant Arteries: An Effective Viscoelastic Reduced Model, Numerics, and Experimental Validation
The focus of this work is on modeling blood flow in medium-to-large systemic arteries assuming cylindrical geometry, axially symmetric flow, and viscoelasticity of arterial walls. The aim was toExpand
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Modeling Viscoelastic Behavior of Arterial Walls and Their Interaction with Pulsatile Blood Flow
A horizontal rotary table is provided and a mounting arm is supported above the table and generally parallels the latter. The arm extends along a path paralleling an axis of rotation of the table andExpand
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Analysis of Nonlinear Poro-Elastic and Poro-Visco-Elastic Models
We consider the initial and boundary value problem for a system of partial differential equations describing the motion of a fluid–solid mixture under the assumption of full saturation. The abilityExpand
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Measuring the Polarization of a Rapidly Precessing Deuteron Beam
This paper describes a time-marking system that enables a measurement of the in-plane (horizontal) polarization of a 0.97-GeV/c deuteron beam circulating in the Cooler Synchrotron (COSY) at theExpand
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Continuous Dependence on Initial Data in Fluid–Structure Motions
We prove a continuous dependence theorem for weak solutions of equations governing a fluid–structure interaction problem in two spatial dimensions. The proof is based on a priori estimates which, inExpand
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Fluid-structure interaction in a pre-stressed tube with thick elastic walls I: the stationary Stokes problem
This is a study of the fluid-structure interaction between the stationary Stokes flow of an incompressible, Newtonian viscous fluid filling a three-dimensional, linearly elastic, pre-stressedExpand
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Applications of operator-splitting methods to the direct numerical simulation of particulate and free-surface flows and to the numerical solution of the two-dimensional elliptic Monge-Ampère equation
The main goal of this article is to review some recent applications of operator-splitting methods. We will show that these methods are well-suited to the numerical solution of outstanding problemsExpand
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