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A Three-Dimensional Map of Milky-Way Dust
We present a three-dimensional map of interstellar dust reddening, covering three-quarters of the sky out to a distance of several kiloparsecs, based on Pan-STARRS 1 and 2MASS photometry. The mapExpand
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Galactic reddening in 3D from stellar photometry – an improved map
We present a new 3D map of interstellar dust reddening, covering three quarters of the sky (declinations of δ ≳ −30°) out to a distance of several kiloparsecs. The map is based on high-qualityExpand
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A 3D Dust Map Based on Gaia, Pan-STARRS 1 and 2MASS
We present a new three-dimensional map of dust reddening, based on Gaia parallaxes and stellar photometry from Pan-STARRS 1 and 2MASS. This map covers the sky north of a declination of -30 degrees,Expand
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The Optical-Infrared Extinction Curve and its Variation in the Milky Way
The dust extinction curve is a critical component of many observational programs and an important diagnostic of the physics of the interstellar medium. Here we present new measurements of the dustExpand
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Flammability of methane, propane, and hydrogen gases
This paper reports the results of flammability studies for methane, propane, hydrogen, and deuterium gases in air conducted by the Pittsburgh Research Laboratory. Knowledge of the explosion hazardsExpand
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The primary Kepler Mission provided nearly continuous monitoring of ~200,000 objects with unprecedented photometric precision. We present the final catalog of eclipsing binary systems within the 105Expand
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Measuring distances and reddenings for a billion stars : toward a 3D dust map from Pan-STARRS 1.
We present a method to infer reddenings and distances to stars based only on their broad-band photometry, and show how this method can be used to produce a three-dimensional (3D) dust map of theExpand
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A Large Catalog of Accurate Distances to Local Molecular Clouds: The Gaia DR2 Edition.
We present a uniform catalog of accurate distances to local molecular clouds informed by the Gaia DR2 data release. Our methodology builds on that of Schlafly et al. (2014). First, we infer theExpand
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On Galactic density modeling in the presence of dust extinction
Inferences about the spatial density or phase-space structure of stellar populations in the Milky Way require a precise determination of the effective survey volume. The volume observed by surveysExpand
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The unWISE Catalog: Two Billion Infrared Sources from Five Years of WISE Imaging.
We present the unWISE Catalog, containing the positions and fluxes of roughly two billion objects observed by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) over the full sky. The unWISE Catalog hasExpand
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