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Electronic structure and bulk properties of MB6 and MB12 borides
Ab initio band structure calculations are carried out for the higher borides MB6 and MB12. High-precision measurements of the elastic constants are performed for the compounds ZrB12, HoB12, ErB12,
Effect of pressure on the magnetic properties of YNi5, LaNi5, and CeNi5
The effect of pressure on the electronic structure and magnetic properties of the compounds YNi5, LaNi5, and CeNi5 is studied. Large magnetovolume effects of magnitude dlnχ∕dlnV≃4–7 are found for the
NANOSTRUCTURES AT LOW TEMPERATURES Structure and magnetic properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified with iron
Magnetic properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified with iron MWCNT+Fe are studied in detail in the temperature range 4.2–300 K. Carbon encapsulated Fe nanoparticles were produced by
Magnetic properties of Mn-doped Bi2Se3 compound: temperature dependence and pressure effects.
Based on the observed behaviour of Θ with varied Mn concentration and pressure, a possible mechanism of interaction between localized Mn moments is discussed and a Curie-Weiss behaviour of χ(T) was revealed with effective magnetic moments of Mn ions corresponding to the spin value S  =‬5/2.
Magnetic-field-induced effects in the electronic structure of itinerant d- and f-metal systems
A paramagnetic response of transition metals and itinerant d- and f-metal compounds in an external magnetic field is studied by employing ab initio full-potential LMTO method in the framework of the
Hall effect and magnetic ordering in RB12
The concentration of carriers in LuB12 is evaluated theoretically by applying ab initio FP-LMTO calculations. Theoretical results are found to be in agreement with high-precision measurements of the