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The Coexistence of Low-Grade Mucinous Neoplasms of the Appendix and Appendiceal Diverticula: A Possible Role in the Pathogenesis of Pseudomyxoma Peritonei
We examined 38 appendectomies with diagnoses of mucocele, diverticulum, or adenoma to study the coincidence of appendiceal diverticula and appendiceal low-grade mucinous neoplasms and to examine theExpand
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Primary Malignancies of the Small Bowel: A Report of 96 Cases and Review of the Literature
The clinical records and histologic sections of 96 cases of primary small bowel malignancies (excluding lymphomas and periamullary lesions) were reviewed. The location, clinical presentation,Expand
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Benign small bowel tumor.
The clinical record and histologic sections of 84 cases of benign small bowel tumor are reviewed. Manifestations of systemic diseases, congenital anomalies, and lesions of either the ileocecal valveExpand
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The histologic spectrum of hepatic cat scratch disease. A series of six cases with confirmed Bartonella henselae infection.
Cat scratch disease (CSD), a common cause of regional lymphadenitis, has been linked to Bartonella henselae infection. Although rare, dissemination with hepatic involvement has been documented. SixExpand
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The palpable nodule of prostatic cancer. Results 15 years after radical excision.
Until Jan 1, 1951, radical perineal prostatectomy was performed on 111 patients with clinically localized and discrete cancer. Of these, 103 patients were followed for 15 years or longer. No patientExpand
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Functional Tumors of the Organ of Zuckerkandl
Chromaffin-reacting pheochromocytomas of the adrenal medulla are the most frequently encountered functional paraganglionic neoplasms. However, extra-adrenal pheochromocytomas as well asExpand
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Thymoma: A clinicopathologic study of 54 cases
In 54 patients with thymoma, the factors having the greatest bearing on prognosis were presence or absence of gross tumor invasion or an associated clinical syndrome of myasthenia gravis, anemia dueExpand
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Adrenocortical neoplasms. Prognosis and morphology.
The clinical data and morphologic findings in 16 cases of adrenocortical carcinoma were compared with those in 11 cases of surgically removed functional adenomas and 12 cases of nonfunctionalExpand
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