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Quantum resource theories
Quantum resource theories (QRTs) offer a highly versatile and powerful framework for studying different phenomena in quantum physics. From quantum entanglement to quantum computation, resourceExpand
Reversible Framework for Quantum Resource Theories.
The general structure of QRTs is discussed, and it is shown that under a few assumptions, a QRT is asymptotically reversible if its set of allowed operations is maximal, that is, if the allowed operations are the set of all operations that do not generate (asymptotical) a resource. Expand
Critical Examination of Incoherent Operations and a Physically Consistent Resource Theory of Quantum Coherence.
This Letter establishes a criterion of physical consistency for any resource theory, and introduces the class of dephasing-covariant incoherent operations as a natural generalization of the physically consistent operations. Expand
The resource theory of informational nonequilibrium in thermodynamics
We review recent work on the foundations of thermodynamics in the light of quantum information theory. We adopt a resource-theoretic perspective, wherein thermodynamics is formulated as a theory ofExpand
Universal uncertainty relations.
A fine-grained uncertainty relation is found that is given in terms of the majorization order between two probability vectors, significantly extending a majorization-based uncertainty relation first introduced in M. H. Partovi, Phys. Expand
Mutually unbiased measurements in finite dimensions
We generalize the concept of mutually unbiased bases (MUB) to measurements which are not necessarily described by rank one projectors. As such, these measurements can be a useful tool to study theExpand
Measuring the quality of a quantum reference frame: The relative entropy of frameness
In the absence of a reference frame for transformations associated with group G, any quantum state that is noninvariant under the action of G may serve as a token of the missing reference frame. WeExpand
Family of concurrence monotones and its applications
  • G. Gour
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 20 October 2004
We extend the definition of concurrence into a family of entanglement monotones, which we call concurrence monotones. We discuss their properties and advantages as computational manageable measuresExpand
Comparison of Quantum Channels by Superchannels
  • G. Gour
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • 8 August 2018
It is shown that the extended conditional min-entropy can be used to fully characterize when two bipartite quantum channels are related to each other via a superchannel (also known as supermap or a comb) that is acting on one of the subsystems. Expand