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The DLV system for knowledge representation and reasoning
The experimental results confirm the solidity of DLV and highlight its potential for emerging application areas like knowledge management and information integration, and the main international projects investigating the potential of the system for industrial exploitation are described. Expand
A general datalog-based framework for tractable query answering over ontologies
It is shown in particular that Datalog+/- generalizes the DL-Lite family of tractable description logics, which are the most common tractable ontology languages in the context of the Semantic Web and databases. Expand
What you Always Wanted to Know About Datalog (And Never Dared to Ask)
The syntax and semantics of Datalog and its use for querying a relational database are presented, and the most relevant methods for achieving efficient evaluations of Daloog queries are presented. Expand
Complexity and expressive power of logic programming
This article surveys various complexity and expressiveness results on different forms of logic programming, in particular, propositional logic programming and datalog, but it also mentions general logic programming with function symbols. Expand
On the computational cost of disjunctive logic programming: Propositional case
  • Thomas Eiter, G. Gottlob
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
  • 1 September 1995
This paper shows that the consistency check is Σ2p-complete for the disjunctive stable model semantics, the iterated closed world assumption, and the perfect model semantics; analogous results are derived for the answer sets semantics of extendeddisjunctive logic programs. Expand
Logic Programming and Databases
This book presents a systematic overview of the interaction between logic programming and database systems, and provides a careful introduction to the underlying paradigms and their theoretical foundations, and stresses the problems involved in achieving efficiency when interfacing logic programming formalisms with large databases. Expand
Complexity Results for Nonmonotonic Logics
  • G. Gottlob
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Log. Comput.
  • 1 June 1992
A Comparison of Structural CSP Decomposition Methods
This work introduces a new class of tractable CSPs based on the concept of hypertree decomposition recently developed in Database Theory, and provides a framework for comparing parametric decomposition-based methods according to tractability criteria and compares the most relevant methods. Expand
Taming the Infinite Chase: Query Answering under Expressive Relational Constraints
It is proved that the problems of conjunctive-query answering and query containment under TGDs are decidable and how EGDs can be incorporated into the results by providing conditions under which EGDs do not harmfully interact with TGDs and do not affect the decidability and complexity of query answering. Expand
On the complexity of propositional knowledge base revision, updates, and counterfactuals
The complexity of several recently proposed methods for updating or revising propositional knowledge bases is studied to derive complexity results for the following problem: given a knowledge base T, an update p, and a formula q, decide whether q is derivable from Top. Expand