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Distribution of (Na+-K+)-stimulated ATPase activity in rat intestinal mucosa.
Abstract The isolation in high yield of a membrane-bound high specific activity (Na+-K+-stimulated ATPase from rat intestinal mucosal cells is descrbed. The activity is originally associated with theExpand
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Properties of a high specific activity, (Na+-K+)-stimulated ATPase from rat intestinal mucosa.
Abstract A high specific activity, membrane-bound, (Na + -K + )-stimulated ATPase, isolatable in good yield from rat intestinal mucosal cells was examined for its enzymatic properties. The stimulatedExpand
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The relationship between academic performance and severity of depressed mood during medical school.
We employ a structural equation model to examine the relationship between academic performance and depressed mood over 4 years for a single medical school class. Academic performance measuresExpand
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In vitro uptake and metabolism of pteroylpolyglutamate by rat small intestine.
The digestion and cellular uptake of 14C-pteroylheptaglutamate (14C-PG-7) was studied using an isolated cell preparation from rat small intestine and by assay of folate conjugase (EC inExpand
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Effect of indomethacin on cholera-induced fluid movement, unidirectional sodium fluxes, and intestinal cAMP.
Cholera enterotoxin (CT) produces intestinal secretion associated with an elevation of intestinal cyclic AMP (cAMP). Indomethacin, a potent inhibitor of prostaglandin (PG) synthesis, decreasesExpand
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Rat liver D-beta-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase. II. Lipid requirement.
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Hydrolysis of Arginine Esters by Male Accessory Sexual Tissues
Summary Certain esters of arginine, but not those of a number of other amino acids, are hydrolyzed rapidly by some lobes of the prostate gland of a number of species. Marked differences in theExpand
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A comparison of the (Na + -K + )-ATPase activities found in isolated brush border and plasma membrane of the rat intestinal mucosa.
A quantitative comparison of the properties of the (Na+-K+)-stimulated ATPase activities of isolated rat intestinal mucosal brush borders and plasma membranes is described. Differences in Km for ATP,Expand
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Enzymatic Coagulation of Semen
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