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Adaptive filtering prediction and control
This unified survey focuses on linear discrete-time systems and explores the natural extensions to nonlinear systems. In keeping with the importance of computers to practical applications, theExpand
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Digital control and estimation : a unified approach
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Control System Design
From the Publisher: A key aspect of the book is the frequent use of real world design examples drawn directly from the authors' industrial experience. These are represented by over 15 substantialExpand
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Fundamental Limitations in Filtering and Control
The issue of fundamental limitations in filtering and control lies at the very heart of any feedback system design, since it reveals what is and is not achievable on the basis of that system'sExpand
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Constrained Control and Estimation: an Optimization Approach
Recent developments in constrained control and estimation have created a need for this comprehensive introduction to the underlying fundamental principles. These advances have significantly broadenedExpand
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Design issues in adaptive control
An integrated approach to the design of practical adaptive control algorithms is presented. Many existing ideas are brought together, and the effect of various design parameters available to a userExpand
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Estimated Transfer Functions with Application to Model Order Selection
Previous results on estimating errors or error bounds on identified transfer functions have relied upon prior assumptions about the noise and the unmodeled dynamics. This prior information took theExpand
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High-speed digital signal processing and control
An attempt is made to organize and survey recent work, and to present it in a unified and accessible form. The need for a new approach suitable for high-speed processing is discussed in the contextExpand
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Improved finite word length characteristics in digital control using delta operators
This paper examines some of the consequences of finite word lengths in digital control. It is shown that, in many cases of practical importance, the usual shift operator formulation is inferior to anExpand
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Discrete time multivariable adaptive control
This paper establishes global convergence for a class of adaptive control algorithms applied to discrete time multi-input multi-output deterministic linear systems. It is shown that the algorithmsExpand
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