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Reuse of ground waste glass as aggregate for mortars.
No reaction has been detected with particle size up to 100mum thus indicating the feasibility of the waste glass reuse as fine aggregate in mortars and concrete, and waste glass seems to positively contribute to the mortar micro-structural properties resulting in an evident improvement of its mechanical performance. Expand
Raman study of Bi2O3-GeO2-SiO2 glasses
Raman spectra have been obtained for 2Bi 2 O 3 -3[(GeO 2 ) x -(SiO 2 ) 1-y ][2-3 composition) and 6Bi 2 O 3 -[(GeO 2 ) x -(SiO 2 ) 1-x ] (6-1 composition) glasses at different Ge/Si nominal ratios.Expand
Crystallization behaviour in the system MgOAl2O3SiO2
Abstract Several glasses were prepared in the MgOAl2O3SiO2 system with different compositions within the formation zone for cordierite. The samples were examined after crystallization toExpand
Sol-gel derived hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium substrate
Biomaterials, in particular those used for orthopaedic prostheses, consist of a metallic substrate, exhibiting excellent mechanical properties, coated with a ceramic layer, which guaranteesExpand
XPS study of apatite-based coatings prepared by sol-gel technique
Abstract Biocompatible layers of hydroxyapatite and fluorhydroxyapatite were grown on Ti substrates by means of dip-coating into sol–gel. In order to improve the adhesion of apatite-based coatings,Expand
Hydroxy- and fluorapatite films on Ti alloy substrates: Sol-gel preparation and characterization
In this paper we describe the preparation of hydroxyfluorapatite (HFA) and fluorapatite (FA) films deposited on titanium alloys by means of the dip-coating method starting from a sol-gel preparedExpand
An EXAFS study of the local structure around Zr atoms in Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2 by the sol-gel method
Abstract The sol-gel synthesis of ZrO 2 · Y 2 O 3 (3%) and ZrO 2 · Y 2 O 3 (30%),using tetramethoxyzirconium and trimethoxyyttrium as suitable precursors, is reported. The transformation of the ZrO 2Expand
A study on the differentiation between amorphous piroxicam:β-cyclodextrin complex and a mixture of the two amorphous components
Amorphous piroxicam was prepared by the melt spinning method to prove that freeze-dried amorphous piroxicam:β-cyclodextrin is a true inclusion compound and not a dispersed mixture of the twoExpand
Surface analysis of biocompatible coatings on titanium
The coatings of hydroxyapatite, which is widely used for orthopaedic and dental prothesis, were deposited by using the dip-coating method. The layers of hydroxyapatite were grown on commercial TiExpand