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Markets and Politics in Central Asia
1. Markets and Politics 2. Post-Communist Policy Choice 3. Kazakhstan and Globalization 4. Kyrgyzstan on the Reform Path 5. Civil War and Reconstruction in Tajikistan 6. Petro-Dollars and 'PositiveExpand
Best Practice for Customer Satisfaction in Manufacturing Firms
Although researchers have concentrated on various measures of customer satisfaction (CS) and the relationship of CS to firm performance, they have done little to determine what constitutes the bestExpand
Cultural Determinism versus Administrative Logic: Asian Values and Administrative Reform in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Abstract Cultural explanations of development claim that the choices a nation makes are dependent upon the country's deeply held norms and values. When this argument is extended to the realm ofExpand
The Central Asian States: Discovering Independence
Westview Series on the Post-Soviet Republics -- Preface -- A Note on Languages in Central Asia -- About the Book and Author -- New States and Ancient Societies -- Legacies of Central Asia -- TheExpand
The Uzbek Expulsion U.S. Forces and in Central Asia
Moscow was glad to see U.S. military forces expelled from Uzbekistan but may soon have its own problems with Tashkent.
Foreign policy and domestic reform in Central Asia
A decade after national independence it is apparent that the differing development strategies adopted by the Ž ve new governments of Central Asia in the Ž rst years of independence led to signiŽExpand
Inter-State Cooperation in Central Asia from the CIS to the Shanghai Forum
ONE WELL RECOGNISED TENDENCY of the dynamics of independence is that newly emergent states seek to increase their security and improve their trade positions through adopting policies that tend toExpand
Natural gas and authoritarianism in Turkmenistan
The Uzbek Expulsion of U.S. Forces and Realignment in Central Asia
A SERIES OF EVENTS in 2005 pointed to a major shift in Central Asia’s relations with the outside world. Uzbekistan, Central Asia’s most populous and influential country, occupies a pivotal positionExpand