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The role of the Earth's mantle in controlling the frequency of geomagnetic reversals
A series of computer simulations of the Earth's dynamo illustrates how the thermal structure of the lowermost mantle might affect convection and magnetic-field generation in the fluid core. EightExpand
A three-dimensional convective dynamo solution with rotating and finitely conducting inner core and mantle
We present the first three-dimensional (3D), time-dependent, self-consistent numerical solution of the magneto- hydrodynamic (MHD) equations that describe thermal convection and magnetic fieldExpand
Numerical modelling of the geodynamo: a systematic parameter study
Summary We analyse ~ 50 3-D numerical calculations of hydrodynamic dynamos driven by convection in a spherical shell. We examine rigid and stress-free boundaries, with Prandtl number 1, magneticExpand
Numerical modeling of the geodynamo: Mechanisms of field generation and equilibration
Numerical calculations of fluid dynamos powered by thermal convection in a rotating, electrically conducting spherical shell are analyzed. We find two regimes of nonreversing, strong field dynamos atExpand
Numerical Simulations of Stellar Convective Dynamos. I. The Model and Method
Abstract A numerical model used to simulate global convection and magnetic field generation in stars is described. Nonlinear, three-dimensional, time-dependent solutions of the anelasticExpand
Effects of an endothermic phase transition at 670 km depth in a spherical model of convection in the Earth's mantle
Numerical modelling of mantle convection in a spherical shell with an endothermic phase change at 670 km depth reveals an inherently three-dimensional flow pattern, containing cylindrical plumes andExpand
Rotation and Magnetism of Earth's Inner Core
Three-dimensional numerical simulations of the geodynamo suggest that a superrotation of Earth's solid inner core relative to the mantle is maintained by magnetic coupling between the inner core andExpand
Compressible convection in a rotating spherical shell. I - Anelastic equations. II - A linear anelastic model. III - Analytic model for compressible vorticity waves
We derive anelastic equations for convection of a compressible fluid in a deep rotating spherical shell. Our motive is to develop equations the solution of which can help us understand what role theExpand
Tidal heating in icy satellite oceans
Abstract Tidal heating plays a significant role in the evolution of many satellites in the outer Solar System; however, it is unclear whether tidal dissipation in a global liquid ocean can representExpand
Computational aspects of a code to study rotating turbulent convection in spherical shells
Abstract The coupling of highly turbulent convection with rotation within a full spherical shell geometry, such as in the solar convection zone, can be studied with the new anelastic sphericalExpand