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Why Do Businesses Go Crypto? An Empirical Analysis of Initial Coin Offerings
In this work, we provide the first comprehensive description of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) phenomenon, which by the end of 2017 allowed startups around the world to raise more than $5.3 billion,Expand
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The Provision of Finance to Innovation: A Survey Conducted among Italian Technology-based Small Firms
Financial constraints to the development of innovation are often considered one of the main impediments to high-technology firms seeking to expand and grow. In particular this is the case of smallExpand
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Why Crowdfunding Projects Can Succeed: The Role of Proponents’ Individual and Territorial Social Capital
Purpose – Crowdfunding implies mobilizing the crowd to finance projects which are posted on dedicated websites, known as crowdfunding platforms. Funding is provided by web users in exchange for someExpand
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Crowdfunding: The New Frontier for Financing Entrepreneurship?
This paper aims to take stock of the extant knowledge on an emerging practice in the entrepreneurial finance landscape: crowdfunding, which seems to play an increasing important role for the seedExpand
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The Market Performance of Italian IPOs in the Long-Run
In most industrialized countries IPOs seem to underperform both the market and portfolios of comparable firms in the long-run, despite the initial underpricing. The reason of this phenomenon are notExpand
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IPO underpricing in Italy
This article analyses the first-day return of 182 IPOs listed on the Italian Stock Exchange from 1985 to 2001. It finds a significantly mean positive underpricing (21.87%). Contrary to the evidenceExpand
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Impact of Economic and Financial Development on Environmental Degradation: Evidence from Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of economic and financial development (FD) on environmental degradation (ED) for a sample of 12 selected small island developing states forExpand
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Reward-based crowdfunding of entrepreneurial projects: the effect of local altruism and localized social capital on proponents’ success
Despite the omnipresent reach of the Internet, evidence exists that geography matters in crowdfunding. This paper shows that some salient characteristics of the geographical area in whichExpand
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The creation of cleantech startups at the local level: the role of knowledge availability and environmental awareness
In this paper, we explore which local factors affect the creation of cleantech startups in a geographical area. Specifically, we note that these startups combine innovation and attention to theExpand
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Why Do (or Did ?) Internet-Stock IPOs Leave So Much "Money on The Table" ?
The "new economy" advent and the Euro's arrival have given energy to EU stock markets. Even though late with respect to the US and the UK, the number of firms going public on these markets hasExpand
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