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Supertranslations and Superrotations at the Black Hole Horizon.
We show that the asymptotic symmetries close to nonextremal black hole horizons are generated by an extension of supertranslations. This group is generated by a semidirect sum of Virasoro and AbelianExpand
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Correlators in AdS_3 string theory
The computation of two and three point functions in the Coulomb gas free field approach to string theory in the SL(2,R)/U(1) black hole background is reviewed. An interesting relation arises whenExpand
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Bending AdS waves with new massive gravity
We study AdS-waves in the three-dimensional new theory of massive gravity recently proposed by Bergshoeff, Hohm, and Townsend. The general configuration of this type is derived and shown to exhibitExpand
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Microscopic entropy of the three-dimensional rotating black hole of Bergshoeff-Hohm-Townsend massive gravity
Asymptotically anti-de Sitter rotating black holes for the Bergshoeff-Hohm-Townsend massive gravity theory in three dimensions are considered. In the special case when the theory admits a uniqueExpand
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Analytic Lifshitz black holes in higher dimensions
We generalize the four-dimensional R2-corrected z = 3/2 Lifshitz black hole to a two-parameter family of black hole solutions for any dynamical exponent z and for any dimension D. For a particularExpand
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Generalized phase transitions in Lovelock gravity
We investigate a novel mechanism for phase transitions that is a distinctive feature of higher-curvature gravity theories. For definiteness, we bound ourselves to the case of Lovelock gravities.Expand
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Extended symmetries at the black hole horizon
A bstractWe prove that non-extremal black holes in four-dimensional general relativity exhibit an infinite-dimensional symmetry in their near horizon region. By prescribing a physically sensible setExpand
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On the universality of inner black hole mechanics and higher curvature gravity
A bstractBlack holes are famous for their universal behavior. New thermodynamic relations have been found recently for the product of gravitational entropies over all the horizons of a givenExpand
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Holographic entropy of Warped-AdS3 black holes
A bstractWe study the asymptotic symmetries of three-dimensional Warped Anti-de Sitter (WAdS) spaces in three-dimensional New Massive Gravity (NMG). For a specific choice of asymptotic boundaryExpand
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Chemical potential driven phase transition of black holes in anti-de Sitter space
Einstein-Maxwell theory conformally coupled to a scalar field in D dimensions may exhibit an instability at low temperature. We find an explicit solution that represents a charged asymptoticallyExpand
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