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Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion
The purpose of the Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion (ARSR) is to investigate the “new” role of religion in the contemporary world, which is characterized by cultural pluralism and religiousExpand
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Religious pluralism : framing religious diversity in the contemporary world
Chapter 1: Introduction: Pluralism as Legitimization of Diversity Giuseppe Giordan.- PART I: IDEAS AND CONCEPTS ON RELIGIOUS PLURALISM.- Chapter 2: Rethinking Religious Pluralism James A. Beckford.-Expand
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One pope, two churches: Refugees, human rights and religion in Croatia and Italy
This article analyses the responses of the Catholic Church in Croatia and Italy to the refugee crisis, particularly the churches’ discourses on human rights issues and positions in public debates onExpand
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Vocation and Social Context
Illustrating the different ways in which Weber's category of Beruf can be interpreted, and how it can be studied from various perspectives and with different methods, this book demonstrates howExpand
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The Body between Religion and Spirituality
The distinction between religion and spirituality, as it is increasingly understood in the contemporary sociology of religion, has led to a reconsideration of the relation between the individual andExpand
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The over-policing of the devil: A sociology of exorcism
Discussing the social construction of the phenomenon of exorcism, this article illustrates how it is located in contemporary culture and specifically in the religious field. Following the study doneExpand
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The religiosity of the young is rapidly changing even in a relatively "small" and "protected" context such as the Valley ofAosta, the smallest Italian region, situated in a mountainous area at theExpand
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Conversion in the Age of Pluralism
This book's chapters assess the nature of conversion and present data on specific convertion types, experiences, and theories including such topics as heroes, semiotics, new towns, pilgrimages, theExpand
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