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The role of introduced trout in the decline of the spotted tree frog (Litoria Spenceri) in south-eastern Australia
The spotted tree frog (Litoria spenceri) is one of numerous amphibian species in Australia that have suffered population declines in recent years, and is currently listed nationally as criticallyExpand
Conservation of amphibians in Borneo: Relative value of secondary tropical forest and non-forest habitats
The impact of degradation of Southeast Asian rainforests and conversion to oil palm plantations on amphibians is unknown. To assess the relative value of secondary forests, oil palm plantations andExpand
Herpetofaunal Richness and Community Structure of Offshore Islands of Sulawesi, Indonesia1
We examined the distribution and broad habitat associations of the herpetofauna on three offshore islands of southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. A total of 74 amphibian and reptile taxa were recorded,Expand
Distribution and habitat of the spotted tree-frog, Litoria spenceri Dubois (Anura : Hylidae), and an assessment of potential causes of population declines
An extensive survey of the distribution and abundance of the spotted tree frog, Litoria spenceri, was conducted throughout its range in the Central and Eastern Highlands of Victoria and parts of NewExpand
Phylogeography, hotspots and conservation priorities: an example from the Top End of Australia
Abstract Australia's lizard fauna is among the most diverse in the world. Yet for the continent's vast northern Monsoonal Tropics, recent genomic and morphological evidence indicate that currentExpand
Multiple cameras required to reliably detect feral cats in northern Australian tropical savanna: an evaluation of sampling design when using camera traps
Abstract Context. Feral cats are a major cause of mammal declines and extinctions in Australia. However, cats are elusive and obtaining reliable ecological data is challenging. Although camera trapsExpand
Habitat use by stream-breeding frogs in south-east Sulawesi, with some preliminary observations on community organization
The habitat associations of stream-breeding frogs were examined along a series of stream transects on Buton Island in south-east Sulawesi, Indonesia. Of the eight frog species located along streams,Expand
After the epidemic: Ongoing declines, stabilizations and recoveries in amphibians afflicted by chytridiomycosis
The impacts of pathogen emergence in naive hosts can be catastrophic, and pathogen spread now ranks as a major threat to biodiversity. However, pathogen impacts can persist for decades afterExpand
Impacts of sediment loads, tadpole density, and food type on the growth and development of tadpoles of the spotted tree frog Litoria spenceri: an in-stream experiment
The impact of increased-deposited sediment loads on growth and development of tadpoles of the spotted tree frog, Litoria spenceri, in south-eastern Australia was assessed in conjunction with foodExpand
Havens for threatened Australian mammals: the contributions of fenced areas and offshore islands to the protection of mammal species susceptible to introduced predators
Context Many Australian mammal species are highly susceptible to predation by introduced domestic cats (Felis catus) and European red foxes (Vulpes vulpes). These predators have caused manyExpand