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Changing Symbols: The Renovation of Moscow Place Names
One of the most important problems confronting a new regime is the generation of a sense of its legitimacy. This is crucial for its survival and long-term stability. One of the key aspects of this isExpand
The Soviet Leader Cult: Reflections on the Structure of Leadership in the Soviet Union
A common feature of authoritarian regimes throughout history has been the creation of an elaborate mystique around the leader. This has consisted, in general terms, of the building up of the leaderExpand
A new turn to authoritarian Rule in Russia?
Many observers have pointed to the increasingly authoritarian nature of President Putin's regime in Russia. This apparent turn away from democracy has generally been attributed either to RussianExpand
Building an Authoritarian Polity: Russia in Post-Soviet Times
  • G. Gill
  • Political Science
  • 12 November 2015
1. Stability and authoritarian regimes Part I. Structuring Public Political Activity: 2. Regime and society 3. The party system and electoral politics Part II. Structuring the Regime: 4. StructuringExpand
Symbolism and Regime Change in Russia
  • G. Gill
  • Political Science
  • 25 February 2013
1. Symbolism and regime change 2. Dissolution of the Soviet metanarrative 3. The leader's vision 4. The symbolism of the political arena 5. Russian identity in the public arena 6. Moscow: a materialExpand
The Origins of the Stalinist Political System
Preface Abbreviations Introduction: what is Stalinism? Part I. Cohesive Oligarchy, 1917-1922: 1. The structure of sub-national politics 2. The structure of elite politics Part II. The FracturedExpand