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Action Integrals and Partition Functions in Quantum Gravity
One can evaluate the action for a gravitational field on a section of the complexified spacetime which avoids the singularities. In this manner we obtain finite, purely imaginary values for theExpand
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Cosmological Event Horizons, Thermodynamics, and Particle Creation
It is shown that the close connection between event horizons and thermodynamics which has been found in the case of black holes can be extended to cosmological models with a repulsive cosmologicalExpand
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4-Dimensional black holes from Kaluza-Klein theories
In this paper we consider generalizations in 4 dimensions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations which typically arise from Kaluza-Klein theories. We specify conditions such that stationary solutions leadExpand
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The first law of thermodynamics for Kerr–anti-de Sitter black holes
We obtain expressions for the mass and angular momenta of rotating black holes in anti-de Sitter backgrounds in four, five and higher dimensions. We verify explicitly that our expressions satisfy theExpand
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Black holes and critical points in moduli space
We study the stabilization of scalars near a supersymmetric black hole horizon using the equation of motion of a particle moving in a potential and background metric. When the relevant 4-dimensionalExpand
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Black Holes and Membranes in Higher Dimensional Theories with Dilaton Fields
Abstract We consider scale invariant theories which couple gravity to Maxwell fields and antisymmetric tensor fields with a dilaton field. We exhibit in a unified way solutions representing blackExpand
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Gravitational Multi - Instantons
Abstract We present a new family of self-dual positive definite metrics which are asymptotic to Euclidean space modulo identifications under discrete subgroups of O(4). these solutions contain 3τ − 3Expand
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Classification of Gravitational Instanton symmetries
We classify the action of one parameter isometry groups of Gravitational Instantons, complete non singular positive definite solutions of the Einstein equations with or without Λ term. The fixedExpand
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Black hole enthalpy and an entropy inequality for the thermodynamic volume
In a theory where the cosmological constant $\Lambda$ or the gauge coupling constant $g$ arises as the vacuum expectation value, its variation should be included in the first law of thermodynamicsExpand
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Born-Infeld particles and Dirichlet p-branes
Born-Infeld theory admits finite energy point particle solutions with δ-function sources, Blons. I discuss their role in the theory of Dirichlet p-branes as the ends of strings intersecting the braneExpand
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