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A 5G mmWave Fiber-Wireless IFoF Analog Mobile Fronthaul Link With up to 24-Gb/s Multiband Wireless Capacity
We experimentally demonstrate a multiband intermediate frequency-over-fiber/mmWave (IFoF/mmWave) fiber/wireless mobile fronthaul link for gigabit capacity over the unlicensed V-band (57–64 GHz).Expand
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Analog Radio-over-Fiber Solutions for 5G Communications in the Beyond-CPRI Era
Current research efforts on 5G RAN strongly focus on pico-cells deployment based on mmWave radio, optical/wireless convergence to support massive-MIMO and a cloud-centric operation of BBUs.Expand
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Interfacing Dielectric-Loaded Plasmonic and Silicon Photonic Waveguides: Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Demonstration
A comprehensive theoretical analysis of end-fire coupling between dielectric-loaded surface plasmon polariton and rib/wire silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguides is presented. Simulations are based onExpand
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Data Transmission and Thermo-Optic Tuning Performance of Dielectric-Loaded Plasmonic Structures Hetero-Integrated on a Silicon Chip
We demonstrate experimental evidence of the data capture and the low-energy thermo-optic tuning credentials of dielectric-loaded plasmonic structures integrated on a silicon chip. We show 7-nmExpand
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0.48Tb/s (12x40Gb/s) WDM transmission and high-quality thermo-optic switching in dielectric loaded plasmonics.
We demonstrate Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM)-enabled transmission of 480Gb/s aggregate data traffic (12x40Gb/s) as well as high-quality 1x2 thermo-optic tuning in Dielectric-Loaded SurfaceExpand
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DSP enabled Fiber-Wireless IFoF/mmWave link for 5G Analog Mobile Fronthaul
An Analog RoF-based Mobile Fronthaul architecture compatible to 5G requirements is presented. Experimental demonstration of 24 Gb/s IFoF transmission based on Digital Subcarrier MultiplexingExpand
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A 6-Band 12Gb/s IFoF/V-Band Fiber-Wireless Fronthaul Link Using an InP Externally Modulated Laser
A 12Gb/s analog IFoF fiber-wireless V-band link is experimentally demonstrated employing a digital 6-IF-carrier stream and modulated onto a linear high-power Externally Modulated Laser, achievingExpand
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A six-channel mmWave/IFoF link with 24Gb/s Capacity for 5G Fronthaul Networks
A 24 Gb/s analog Intermediate Frequency over Fiber Wireless V-band link is experimentally demonstrated over a 7km fiber length and 5m wireless distance, employing a digital 6-IF-carrier stream, eachExpand
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Active Plasmonics in True Data Traffic Applications: Thermo-Optic On/Off Gating Using a Silicon-Plasmonic Asymmetric Mach–Zehnder Interferometer
We present the first system-level demonstration of an active plasmonic device in 10-Gb/s data traffic conditions. An asymmetric silicon-plasmonic Mach-Zehnder interferometer with dielectric-loadedExpand
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On the fly all-optical packet switching based on hybrid WDM/OCDMA labeling scheme
We introduce a novel design of an all-optical packet routing node that allows for the selection and forwarding of optical packets based on the routing information contained in hybrid wavelengthExpand
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