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Review of micromachined thermopiles for infrared detection
During the last few years, thermopiles have come increasingly under the spotlight of commercial infrared sensing. This growing interest has motivated us to write an overview of micromachinedExpand
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Calibration of uncooled thermal infrared cameras
Abstract. The calibration of uncooled thermal infrared (IR) cameras to absolute temperature measurement is a time-consuming, complicated process that significantly influences the cost of an IRExpand
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The measurement of dissolved and gaseous carbon dioxide concentration
In this review the basic principles of carbon dioxide sensors and their manifold applications in environmental control, biotechnology, biology, medicine and food industry are reported.Expand
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A piezoresistive humidity sensor
Abstract This paper deals with a new type of humidity sensor. Whereas conventional humidity sensors utilize the change of the specific resistivity or the dielectric properties here the humidityExpand
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Reduction of mechanical stress in micromachined components caused by humidity-induced volume expansion of polymer layers
Abstract Polymer layers frequently used in microsystem technology tend to absorb water from ambient humid air which typically results in swelling of the polymer layers. Depending on the specificExpand
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Thermal effects to enhance the responsivity of pyroelectric infrared detectors
Abstract This paper describes a new method to increase the responsivity of pyroelectric IR sensors in voltage mode. This method utilises lateral heat flux effects in the radiation-sensitive elementExpand
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Chemical and pH sensors based on the swelling behavior of hydrogels
Abstract Hydrogels show a strong swelling ability in dependence on pH value or solvent concentration in aqueous solutions. This behavior can be used for appropriate sensors if a suitable transducerExpand
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Hydrogel Sensors and Actuators
General Properties of Hydrogels.- Synthesis of Hydrogels.- Swelling-Related Processes in Hydrogels.- Modelling and Simulation of the Chemo-Electro-Mechanical Behaviour.- Hydrogels for ChemicalExpand
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Design studies on piezoresistive humidity sensors
Abstract The present paper summarizes a detailed design study of a novel piezoresistive humidity sensor, the operation of which relies on the humidity-induced swelling of thin polyimide layers. TheExpand
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A Survey on Piezoelectric Ceramics for Generator Applications
Piezoelectric generators enable maintenance-free power supply for integrated electronics in smart system applications. The majority of publications consider the aspect of power transfer electronics;Expand
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