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Natural pedagogy
Social learning and social cognition: The case for pedagogy
It is argued that many central phenomena of human infant social cognition can be more coherently and plausibly interpreted as reflecting the adaptations to receive knowledge from social partners through teaching.
Developmental psychology: Rational imitation in preverbal infants
The results indicate that imitation of goal-directed action by preverbal infants is a selective, interpretative process, rather than a simple re-enactment of the means used by a demonstrator, as was previously thought.
Natural pedagogy as evolutionary adaptation
We propose that the cognitive mechanisms that enable the transmission of cultural knowledge by communication between individuals constitute a system of ‘natural pedagogy’ in humans, and represent an
Early socio–emotional development: Contingency perception and the social-biofeedback model.
The past century of theory about human development has placed much responsibility for normal socio-emotional development on the social interactions experienced in infancy (e.g., Bandura, 1992;