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The governance of global value chains
Abstract This article builds a theoretical framework to help explain governance patterns in global value chains. It draws on three streams of literature – transaction costs economics, production
The Organization of Buyer-Driven Global Commodity Chains: How U.S. Retailers Shape Overseas Production Networks.
Global industrialization is the result of an integrated system of production and trade. Open international trade has encouraged nations to specialize in different branches of manufacturing and even
Global value chains in a post-Washington Consensus world
ABSTRACT Contemporary globalization has been marked by significant shifts in the organization and governance of global industries. In the 1970s and 1980s, one such shift was characterized by the
The Promise and Limits of Private Power-Promoting Labor Standards in a Global Economy
“An eye-opening look into the story of Knight before his multibillion dollar company.” —School Library Journal “A great story about how an ambition turned into a business...serves as a guide for
Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Production Networks: A New Paradigm for a Changing World
A key challenge in promoting decent work worldwide is how to improve the position of both firms and workers in value chains and global production networks driven by lead firms. This article develops
Value chains, networks and clusters: reframing the global automotive industry
In this article, we apply global value chain (GVC) analysis to recent trends in the global automotive industry, with special attention paid to the case of North America. We use the three main
Commodity Chains and Global Capitalism
Introduction: Global Commodity Chains by Gary Gereffi, Roberto P. Korzeniewicz, and Miguel Korzeniewicz Historical and Spatial Patterns of Commodity Chains in the World-System: Commodity Chains in
The global economy is increasingly structured around global value chains (GVCs) that account for a rising share of international trade, global GDP and employment. The evolution of GVCs in sectors as