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The Athletic Crusade: Sport and Colonialism in the Philippines
  • G. Gems
  • Political Science
  • 1 January 2004
Historians have long been drawn to imperial studies. Romans examined their own empire, and Edward Gibbon's eighteenth-century classic record of its decline and fall provided the impetus for furtherExpand
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Understanding American Sports
Introduction 1. An Introduction to the United States 2. The Evolution of American Sports 3. A Nation of Immigrants 4. The Relevance of Baseball 5. Football Games 6. Sport Organisations andExpand
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Welfare Capitalism and Blue-Collar Sport: The Legacy of Labour Unrest
This essay examines employers' attempts to Americanize ethnic immigrant employees and indoctrinate all workers with particular values through the sponsorship of industrial recreation programmes. ItExpand
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Sport and the Italian American Quest for Whiteness
More than 4,000,000 Italians migrated to the United States in search of better opportunities; but their poverty, lack of education, Catholic religion and ethnic lifestyles denied them full inclusionExpand
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Sports, war, and ideological imperialism
The so‐called “American” century is about to close. Despite the ethnocentric terminology, one cannot deny the power and influence the U.S. has wielded over the last 100 years. That hegemony has beenExpand
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Sport and the Assimilation of American Catholics
Abstract:In the nineteenth century European Catholics began migrating in ever larger numbers to the United States, where they faced opposition from the members of the dominant Protestant groups thatExpand
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The Construction, Negotiation, and Transformation of Racial Identity in American Football: A Study of Native and African Americans
L'A. considere la construction, la negociation et la transformation de l'identite raciale chez les Amerindiens et les Afro-Americains des Etats-Unis a travers la pratique du football, dans une etudeExpand
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The German Turners and the Taming of Radicalism in Chicago [1]
The German Turner movement, a nationalistic gymnastic enterprise, migrated to the United States in the aftermath of the failed revolution of 1848. It quickly took hold in American cities with sizableExpand
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