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Localisation of hydrogen peroxide accumulation during Solanum tuberosum cv. Rywal hypersensitive response to Potato virus Y.
The reactive oxygen species hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)) was detected cytochemically in Solanum tuberosum cv. Rywal tissues as a hypersensitive response (HR) 24 and 48 h after a Potato virus Y (PVY)Expand
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Ultrastructural events during hypersensitive response of potato cv. Rywal infected with necrotic strains of potato virus Y
Potato plants cv. Rywal with hypersensitivity gene Ny-1 infected with PVYN or PVYNTN reacted in local necroses 3 days after infection. Potato virus Y (PVY) particles were found in epidermis,Expand
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Localization of cauliflower mosaic virus in the cell nucleus of Brassica pekinensis L.
Cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) particles were observed in the nuclei of xylem parenchyma cells in Brassica pekinensis L. doubly infected by CaMV and turnip mosaic virus (TuMV). CaMV particles wereExpand
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Differentiation of adventitious buds from Capsicum annuum L. hypocotyls after co-culture with Agrobacterium tumefaciens
In vitro organogenesis in hypocotyl explants of the pepper cultivar ‘Bryza’ was induced on MS medium containing 5 mg/l 6-benzyloaminopurine (BAP) and 1 mg/l indole–3-acetic acid (IAA). The hypocotylExpand
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Ultrastructural studies of plasmodesmatal and vascular translocation of tobacco rattle virus (TRV) in tobacco and potato
The studies focus on an ultrastructural analysis of the phenomenon of intercellular and systemic (vascular) transport of tobacco rattle virus (TRV) in tissues of the infected plants. TRV is aExpand
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“ Seeing is believing ” . The use of light , fluorescent and transmission electron microscopy in the observation of pathological changes during different plant – virus interactions
The diverse range of microscopy techniques are universal tools in the identification of pathological changes in plant organ and tissue responses to viral infection. Transmission electron microscopyExpand
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Cytopathological potato virus Y structures during Solanaceous plants infection.
The ultrastructural analysis of tobacco, potato and pepper tissues during infection with necrotic strains and the ordinary Potato virus Y strain of revealed the presence of virus inclusions not onlyExpand
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The evidence of Tobacco rattle virus impact on host plant organelles ultrastructure.
Tobraviruses, like other (+) stranded RNA viruses of plants, replicate their genome in cytoplasm and use such usual membranous structures like endoplasmic reticulum. Based on the ultrastructuralExpand
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The participation of plant cell organelles in compatible and incompatible potato virus Y-tobacco and -potato plant interaction
Potyviruses replicate and express their genomes in the cytoplasm in closely related membranous structures such as the endoplasmic reticulum or in the vicinity of the ER. The present researchExpand
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Ultrastructural Impact of Tobacco Rattle Virus on Tobacco and Pepper Ovary and Anther Tissues
The one-third of plant viruses are seed transmitted, and this has significant economic consequences. Tobacco rattle virus (TRV), belonging to the genus Tobravirus and family Virgaviridae, has one ofExpand
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