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Chimpanzees: Self-Recognition
  • G. Gallup
  • Psychology, Biology
  • 2 January 1970
After prolonged exposure to their reflected images in mirrors, chimpanzees marked with red dye showed evidence of being able to recognize their own reflections. Monkeys did not appear to have this
The frontal lobes are necessary for 'theory of mind'.
Frontal lobe lesions impaired the ability to infer mental states in others, with dissociation of performance within the frontal lobes, with some suggestion of a more important role for the right frontal lobe.
Where am I? The neurological correlates of self and other.
Tonic Immobility as an Evolved Predator Defense: Implications for Sexual Assault Survivors
This article reviews research concerning the possible relationship between tonic immobility (TI) and human reactions to sexual assault. This review includes a description of the characteristic
Self-recognition and the right prefrontal cortex
Contagious yawning and the brain.