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Social enterprise: An international overview of its conceptual evolution and legal implementation
– The purpose of this paper is to analyze the evolution of the social enterprise concept at an international level. It provides a comprehensive overview of the existing literature in this subjectExpand
The Concept and Practice of Social Enterprise. Lessons from the Italian Experience
Abstract: Social enterprises are increasingly regarded as successful mechanisms for reconciling equity and efficiency with the creation of economic and social value, and they can be interpreted asExpand
Improving Social Inclusion at the Local Level Through the Social Economy: Report for Slovenia
This report has been prepared as part of the Improving Social Inclusion at the Local Level through the Social Economy (CFE/LEED (2008)9/REV1) project. A team of OECD experts visited Korea in May 2009Expand
Europe in Transition: The Role of Social Cooperatives and Social Enterprises
The European social model has always been characterized by the active role played in the production of goods and services by a variety of organizations that differ both from private corporations andExpand
Innovating the provision of welfare services through collective action: the case of Italian social cooperatives
ABSTRACT Social cooperatives are the most widespread social enterprise type in Italy. Their evolution has stimulated the development of diverse interpretative frameworks of social enterpriseExpand
Social enterprise as a bottom-up dynamic: part 1. The reaction of civil society to unmet social needs in Italy, Sweden and Japan
ABSTRACT Over the past decades, social enterprises have been acknowledged as key welfare actors in several EU countries. In spite of the dramatic research devoted to exploring them, several issuesExpand
Interpreting social enterprises
La variedad de instituciones y organizaciones caracteriza, cada vez mas, sistemas economicos avanzados. Al paso que las teorias economicas tradicionales enfocaban casi exclusivamente organizacionesExpand
Social enterprises and their ecosystems in Europe – Comparative synthesis report
"The understanding of the current size, scope and state of social enterprises in Europe lags behind their proliferation and the rising interest they generate among policymakers, researchers andExpand